Living Hope is an active community of people who have endured life-changing trials but have come out on the other side – not unscathed, but wonderfully evolved; evolved into Hope Practitioners through intentional acts of Surrender, Stillness, Grief, Honesty, Curiosity, Forgiveness, Resilience, and Joy. These Hope Practitioners choose to see the world through the lens of Hope, and are united in the understanding that words have the power to change lives and that stories can ignite that change. By collecting and sharing these stories, Living Hope helps others find purpose in their pain, healing in their journey, and hope in their lives. And through purposeful web-based community, Living Hope events, guided workbooks, and introspective journals, this movement encourages others to intentionally practice and pursue hope by making a choice – a choice to walk in hope every day and to find faith in things unseen. Walk with us and discover your own Living Hope.